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The Hegemo consulting business allows you to provide a full range of services, from strategic planning to development and operation. Our services are not limited to specific areas or existing solutions but focus on solving the issues that are truly needed. Our goal is to increase the value of your company by deriving the best executable strategies to suit your business situation

It is pointless to create a strategy that meets your requirements if it is impossible to implement. At Hegemo Consulting, we assist you in developing business strategies, alliance plans, new business start-ups, and so on. We concretize the paths that are actually important for you and build strategies with an eye toward implementation. Our expert advisors will work with you to obtain satisfied results by utilizing the knowledge they have acquired.

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We assist new start-up clients in formulating their ideas or vision by providing them with strategic consultancy services, which form the foundation for achieving these through detailed market and financial feasibility, as well as engaging their long-term plans and developing operations skill sets for managing these businesses, as well as potential growth strategy. We go beyond the paper plans to provide practical project management support and operational management as needed. We also help major and established healthcare and hospitality organizations build new verticals in their hospitals, clinics, or hotel facilities, allowing them to remain competitive and maintain market share.


Hegemo Consulting and its partners may work with you to establish a strategic roadmap for attaining your vision, whether it's new construction or renovating your existing facilities. Every project is different, but the following are typical services we offer:

• Process optimisation • Cost reduction • Information security • Business agility • Workforce productivity • Customer satisfaction • Employee satisfaction • Competitive advantage • Quality assurance • Business continuity


• Market and competitor analysis of the facility catchment area • Integrated layout concept for the planned facility • Best practice workflow-oriented construction planning for all departments, taking architectural and local regulations into account • Brand positioning, identity and marketing strategies • Detailed investment and staff planning • Support to create business plans • Technology recommendations and training modules staff


Hegemo Consulting's operational consulting services help our clients to save costs by delivering revenue improvement, expense reduction, and overall operations optimization solutions based on tried-and-true methodology and best business practices. Our team of consultants collaborates with customers to give in-depth analysis and proven operational solutions that produce significant financial and operational improvements for near- and long-term growth.

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