IT Professional Services

Premises-based IT solutions

We aid our clients in optimising their IT investments by providing support at each stage of their technological exploration. This is accomplished through the synchronisation of your IT roadmap with operational requirements and priorities, which facilitates informed procurement choices and guarantees streamlined and expeditious implementation endeavours. With professional IT knowledge encompassing the entire technology stack and experience accumulated from countless projects for our clients, you will discover that we operate with exceptional adaptability, attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to your triumph.

Provision of Implementation Services

Eliminating risk from your IT initiatives through meticulous management and implementation delivered in a professional manner.

Supply Chain Administration

Managing your organization's IT procurement in a professional manner while streamlining vendor administration and the implementation of new technologies.

Maintenance and Assistance

We offer our clients the advantage of having a solitary dependable collaborator oversee and maintain their information technology and communications infrastructure.

Conquer your on-premise obstacles

Whether your objective is to improve communications, refresh your network, or deploy new applications, we are capable of assisting you in developing a strategic plan that will optimize your IT investment's return and surmount the obstacles you face

Simplifies procurement

Centralise your on-premises IT requirements and benefit from Redcentric's long-standing, close relationships with best-of-breed vendors while reducing the number of supplier relationships you must manage.

Decreases the need to recruit personnel with specialised expertise

Engineers and consultants from our organisation possess a wide array of technological specialisations. By utilising our professional services, we guarantee that your organisation obtains the most suitable solutions and capabilities, without the expense of employing the necessary specialists.

Ensuring competitive pricing via vendor accreditations

We are able to guarantee competitive pricing for your in-house technology solutions by leveraging our economies of scale purchasing and established relationships with technology partners who hold diverse accreditations.

Leverage a broader range of capabilities

Regardless of the internal capabilities of your organisation, implement the appropriate solutions. Our professional services function as an extension of your company, providing it with a broader range of capabilities.

Simplified project planning and execution

Our project managers ensure that your solutions and planning remain centralised, allowing you to devote more time to activities that generate business value.

Enhanced oversight of project expenditures

Prepare and implement your projects in accordance with the budget allotted. Our administrators of professional IT services are well-versed in each element of a successful IT implementation, allowing them to maintain cost control for your projects.

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